December 5, 2016 – Edmonton

Canada-based Vientero Inc. ( announces Biacta® – cooking-resistant probiotics for meat, poultry and seafood with the ability to safely extend those products’ shelf life between 20 to 30 per cent.

Probiotics are widely sought-after for their health benefits in milk products like yogurt, kefir and soft cheeses. Proven to contribute to healthy gut flora and improve intestinal health, probiotics have been credited for a wide range of additional health benefits.

Despite these benefits, many people are either allergic to dairy, or unwilling to pay high prices for probiotic supplements. The whey protein in milk provides a buffer that helps probiotic cultures to survive digestive acids and do their work. Other proteins, in particular meats, have the same buffering effect, but traditional probiotics are destroyed by cooking.

Until now. Biacta® probiotic cultures can endure intense cooking processes as well as salts, preservatives and freezing. This proprietary technology is a unique opportunity for market differentiation and an unprecedented added value, with a very low cost per portion.

Biacta® also increases shelf life in a wide range of meat products through a process Vientero calls “Probiotection™,” in which the active probiotics are laboratory-proven to stop spoilage agents and pathogens including E. coli, salmonella and listeria. This bio-preservative benefit can lead to a substantive reduction in food waste for retailers and meat processors.

The combined technologies, patented and patent-pending worldwide, enable Vientero to offer market exclusivity to industries accustomed to seeking even very minor points of differentiation.

Vientero president Pierre Tisserand, a French-born food scientist with an extensive meat industry background in research and development and quality assurance, says he came upon the idea when seeking an alternative to the harsh acids and chemicals used in conventional meat processing.

“I wondered why the amazing ability of beneficial active cultures to increase shelf life in yogurts and cheeses was not being applied to meat proteins,” says Mr. Tisserand. “There were in fact a number of complications, such as the need to cook and salt most meats. But after years of research, I invented a way to significantly increase shelf life, and to offer consumers the health benefits of probiotics even after high-temperature cooking.”

The novel dual-action technology behind Biacta® has been validated through third-party laboratory testing, and Biacta® is approved by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), making it market-ready in Canada, a country with among the world’s most stringent requirements for probiotics. Biacta® uses probiotics that are FDA approved with Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status.

What’s more, by adding probiotics to meats, Mr. Tisserand believes their health benefits can be delivered to consumers who need them most.

“The people who regularly eat fast foods and highly processed foods suffer the most from a loss of healthy gut flora,” he says. “By adding probiotics to those products, we can better the health of consumers, including many who will never buy it in expensive capsules or drinks.”

Biacta® can be applied to meat products or carcasses as a liquid spray, or added in powder form to spice mixes. It is applicable to a wide range of proteins from frozen meat patties to sushi, sausages, eggs and fried chicken.

“Our vision is to make probiotics available to everyone,” says Mr. Tisserand. “And at the same time we recognize every player in the meat industry is looking for a way to be different and better. We are hoping to strike a good balance”

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