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The best way to predict the future is to invent it_

Alan Kay

It all started with “what if?”

As a food scientist, Pierre Tisserand spent much of his time thinking about reducing spoilage to minimize food waste. It bothered Pierre that science expended such huge amounts of time and resources trying to kill spoilage and pathogenic bacteria by throwing dangerous chemicals and antibiotics at them. That wasn’t natural. No wonder it was backfiring.

It fascinated Pierre how probiotic “helper” bacteria could greatly extend the shelf life of dairy products and dry-cured sausages.

These same probiotics had amazing health benefits for people.

What if we applied them to all kinds of proteins? It was a half-decade journey of research and innovation in laboratories and test kitchens, culminating in worldwide patents for Pierre’s new company, Vientero.

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Our flagship product, Biacta® is the new dual-action probiotic and bio-preservative for meat, poultry and seafood.

Our Vientero Senior Leadership Team is an elite group of science, business, operations & marketing professionals.

Each has a lengthy track record of excellence encompassing multiple decades and numerous successful long-term partnerships.

With more than a decade of experience in senior management, facility supervision, quality control and engineering, Pierre leads the Vientero team in research and product development. In addition to his leadership role at Vientero, Pierre is president and founder of 5 companies specializing in food production, health improvement research, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) compliancy, engineering, R&D and accounting. As a consultant to industry, Pierre has developed HACCP and GFCI systems for numerous businesses. His proven expertise includes production line management and productivity analysis, compliance, distribution, and Quality Assurance. Pierre holds a Masters degree in Biotechnology and Bio-industry as well as a university diploma in Life, Genetics and Agronomy from the University of Lyon, France.

With deep network connectivity and business relationships spanning more than 25 years, Djamel is remarkably adept at bringing the right people together through a finely tuned alchemy conducive to successful business ventures. Djamel’s entrepreneurial background encompasses import and export businesses, recreational equipment sales, and the longtime ownership and management of a specialized Canadian investment property company. He is also Director of a real estate agency with operations in France and Germany and is fluent in French, English, German and Portuguese.

Jeff brings senior project management, supervision and operations expertise to his role at Vientero, with international supervisory and management team experience dating back to 1997. He has led teams in large-scale construction and engineering projects in locales from Canada’s northernmost territory to the Caribbean. His background in project management ranges from construction and field installation projects for foreign clients to capital budgets and long-term financial projections and the monitoring of capital projects, ensuring standards of quality and design in compliance with international and local regulations. Jeff has also worked with numerous international organizations in procuring services, equipment and materials for large-scale construction projects and facility operations. As an engineer, he has lead Hazard Identification and Operability (HAZOP) studies, designed and modified process equipment and industrial systems, conducted economic evaluations and authored engineering manuals. Jeff has an Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

As a medical doctor, Brian brings to Vientero a deep scientific understanding of the biological functions and processes central to our core value of developing and marketing innovative products that optimize healthy living. Brian is Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta's Department of Psychiatry, Clinical Supervisor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, and serves on the Examination board for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has been involved with medical education at the University of Alberta for over a decade, and lectures extensively in Canada and abroad. Brian became a Doctor of Medicine with Distinction at the University of Alberta and was awarded his FRCPC by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

A professional editor and translator for over 20 years, Eric serves an important function in Vientero’s sales and marketing communications, connecting a team that is a hybrid of native French and English speakers, headquartered in a bilingual nation. He began his career working for prestigious Quebec literary publisher Boréal before becoming head editor of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec’s cultural programming department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in French literature from the Université de Montréal and his translations have been recognized by the Quebec Writing Federation (2012 Cole Foundation Prize for translation) and the Canada Arts Council (finalist for the 2014 Governor General’s Award for translation).

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